Commercial Property Managers

Restoration Commercial Property Manager

As a Commercial Property Manager, you have a tremendous amount of responsibility to your customers and their tenants.  We understand the time and effort your job requires and the challenges you face in order to keep your clients happy and eager renew their contracts year after year.  Even without having to deal with major property damage, your schedule is full, and your time is valuable.  We can help you earn the trust of potential clients, and retain your market share when property damage happens, whether it’s from a broken pipe, fire, or major hurricane.

Planning Ahead

By helping you and your clients plan for property damage and disasters, we can help you gain a competitive advantage by expanding the services you offer and easing the concerns of your potential customers.  Our Back in Business Program is fully customizable to your property owner clients’, your tenants’, and your business’ unique needs.  Our Back in Business clients receive priority over all non-member clients, and, because we already have the information we need to mobilize on file, one phone call to us is all it takes to activate our team 24/7.  By planning ahead, we can provide a faster recovery than ever before.

We can also be a resource by providing you with informational packets, checklists, and articles you can share with your clients to help them understand the recovery process and prepare their business.

What You Can Expect From Us On The Job

We know that when disaster strikes, your customers need to know – know what’s going on with their property, know what recovery is going to cost, know who is involved with the project, know how long it’s going to take, and so much more.  We take pride in our thorough documentation, transparent billing, and regular progress reports, and we will share this information with all interested parties or those you request.  You and your clients won’t be surprised by a large bill weeks after the project is completed because we provide regular progress invoicing. This way, if there is a concern, we can address it immediately.  Best of all, this isn’t reserved for just our Back in Business Program clients, we provide the same extraordinary service on every project we are involved with.

Do You Have A Back-Up Plan?

Even if you currently work with a company that handles your property damage needs, it’s always good to have a back-up or even two.  During regional disasters such as hurricanes and flooding, you can always count on us to bring in the resources needed to get you and your clients Back in Business fast. When your local company is overloaded with work, our national reach gives us the resources they might not have access to.