Facility Managers

Facility Fire Damage Restoration

No matter what type of facility you manage, we understand that you have a tough job.  Your company relies on your leadership to ensure workers have a safe and functional environment to work in so they can deliver what is promised to your customers.  Equipment must be maintained, check lists must be followed, and safety protocols are a necessity.  You have enough to worry about already, so we can help reduce your burden if you are faced with property damage, flooding, power failures, and other issues that can impact your facility. Anything from a dumpster fire, to broken pipes, to roof collapse, we can help.

Planning Ahead

By creating a plan before a disaster, we can help ensure that your business is operational as quickly as possible when it does occur.  Our Back in Business Program is fully customizable to your business’ unique needs.  We will identify your critical assets, prioritize your needs, and develop a plan for recovery – all before the disaster ever happens.  Our Back in Business clients receive priority over all non-member clients, and, because we already have the information we need to mobilize on file, one phone call to us is all it takes to activate our team 24/7.

What You Can Expect on The Job

We know that we aren’t called to help at the most pleasant of times, so we strive to make your job easier and reduce your burden however we can.  Time-constraints?  No problem.  Critical machinery that must be operational even when the whole city is without power?  We’ve got you covered.  Night work only, weekends only, or during the holidays?  24/7/365 is our schedule.  We can provide whatever resources you need when you need them.

We take pride in our thorough documentation, transparent billing, and regular progress reports, and we will share this information with all interested parties or those you request.  You won’t be surprised by a large bill weeks after the project is completed because we provide regular progress invoicing.  This way, if there is a concern, we can address it immediately.  Best of all, this isn’t reserved for just our Back in Business Program clients, we provide the same extraordinary service on every project we are involved with.

Jobsite Safety

There is enough to worry about without having to worry about your outside vendors staying safe and remaining OSHA compliant.  We believe safety is of paramount importance, and it never takes a day off at Flood Zone.  If your facility has unique rules and safety protocols, we will follow them.  And, you can be assured that hazards we discover will be brought to your attention promptly while we work to mitigate them together.