Government and Municipalities

Government and municipalities are one of our most important customers when it comes to recovery after regional disasters such as hurricanes.  These buildings are a critical part of any community and when one building is not operational, it’s not just the employees that feel the impact, but the surrounding community is ultimately affected as well.  In the days and weeks following a regional disaster, the restoration of government buildings must take precedence to help restore the infrastructure and economy of that area as soon as possible.

Planning Ahead

By planning for disasters, including fires and broken pipes as well as hurricanes, before property damage occurs, the chances of success for a timely and safe recovery is exponentially greater.  We can help your community plan ahead by enrolling in our Back in Business Program.  By determining your power requirements, your prioritized critical assets, and any other needs that you have, we can get your buildings back online and your staff back to work faster.

This program is fully customizable to fit your needs. We will gather your communication preferences, billing details, even your currently approved subcontractor information so all that’s needed to activate the plan is make one phone call to us, and the rest will be taken care of.  You will also receive a price list, so there’s no need to worry about increased costs that are within our control during those regional disasters.

What to Expect From Us On The Job

After we receive your call, you can be assured that we will arrive quickly with the appropriate amount of equipment, supplies, and personnel to begin recovery efforts immediately.  We will provide you and any other materially interested parties with an initial mitigation plan, estimates, regular project updates, and current billing.  Anything from broken sprinkler heads, to fires, to regional disasters, we have the expertise and resources to get you Back in Business and back to serving your community!