Commercial Insurance Brokers and Agents

Commercial Insurance is one of the most complex and competitive marketplaces out there.  No two policies are identical, and many policies contain an abundance of inclusions, exclusions, and confusing verbiage.  To make your job even more challenging, many clients decide who to work with and which policy to acquire based primarily on price.  You know this is a dangerous game, however – your client could be left with gaps in coverage that they don’t realize until it’s too late.

You must be at the top of your game and be heavily involved in the policy selection process in order to make your clients feel secure when choosing your firm.  That relationship doesn’t stop there, either. It continues year after year in order to retain your clients for the long run.  We can help make you look like a hero to your clients by providing annual building audits and disaster planning to keep their premiums as low as possible, and by getting them Back in Business fast when property damage of any kind occurs. We can also help you earn their business by being a resource for information relating to property damage and planning ahead.

Helping Your Customers Plan Ahead

We want to help reduce business interruption, and the best way we have found to do this is by helping businesses plan for disasters and potential property damage before the disaster occurs through our Back in Business Program™.  Not only does this lead to a faster, more efficient recovery, it gives you and your client the opportunity to discuss with underwriters the “what if” scenarios your customer may be concerned with.  We can sit down with you, your client, their risk management team, and any other interested parties to talk about these real-life scenarios and work together to ensure they have the right recovery strategies and insurance coverages in place.

By providing a detailed Back in Business Plan to underwriters, your clients may also be able to receive discounted premiums through some carriers, all while feeling more secure that they will be able to recover faster if they experience a loss.  Give us the opportunity to plan with you and your clients, and we promise to provide a smarter, safer, and more efficient recovery.

What You Can Expect from Us on The Job

You have a lot on your plate already.  But, when your clients call you for help when they experience a loss, you want to be able to assist however you can.  The last thing you need is to deal with unscrupulous contractors doing unnecessary work, then telling your customer, “don’t worry about the cost, your insurance will take care of it”.  We all know how that story plays out, and it happens time and time again all over the country. We promise to take the greatest level of care with each individual client and project, so when your client calls you hear, “thank you for the recommendation, we are Back in Business!”

You understand the lifetime value of a customer, and so do we.  We leave the power in the customer’s hands while providing our expert opinion, so they may decide what’s right for their business.  We complete each project with open and regular communication with all materially interested parties through regular progress reports, provide thorough documentation, and transparent billing.  You and your clients will know the plan, current progress, and the cost at every stage of a project, because that’s the way it should be.

This isn’t reserved for just our Back in Business Program™ clients. We are proud to offer the same level of service on every project we are involved with.  After all, your clients are our clients, and getting them Back in Business is our business!