Risk Managers

As a Risk Manager, your responsibility to protect your people, your assets, and your organization’s brand can be overwhelming.  Reviewing insurance policies, tracking vendors, and the countless other tasks you are responsible for every day, all while making sure every aspect of the organization stays compliant, takes a lot of time.  Moreover, it’s your job to plan for potential risks in order to minimize the impact and protect your company if they occur.

Getting you Back in Business is our goal.  We understand that every minute that you aren’t able to operate is not only disruptive to your current bottom line but can also be devastating to future earnings.  When you are unable to provide what you have promised to your customers, they will begin searching for alternatives.  We know that the cost of acquiring a new customer is approximately 5 times compared to retaining an existing customer, so you can’t afford to lose the customers you have already invested in.  We can help you retain your market share when property damage happens, whether it’s from a broken pipe, fire, or major hurricane.

Helping You Plan

We can help you plan for potential disasters with our Back in Business Program before disaster strikes.  We can sit down with you, your insurance broker, your COO, your CFO, and anyone else you’d like to include in the process to identify what your organization needs most in order to function and discuss the potential impacts disasters can have on your business. Then, we can work together to develop a plan and procedures to follow after a loss occurs in order to get you Back in Business.

The last thing you need to worry about is a vendor that doesn’t have the appropriate coverage, isn’t performing to industry standards, or is unsafe themselves.  With Flood Zone, you won’t have to worry.  We’ll take the time to understand what is needed in order to make sure we are compliant and to ensure that we provide our services in the most efficient and safest way possible if your building is damaged.  If subcontracting services beyond what we offer in house is needed, we got you covered.  We have grown a nationwide network of specialty trade service contractors to help our customers get Back in Business fast.

By joining our Back in Business Program, you receive priority response over all non-member clients.  And, because we already have the information we need to mobilize on file, one phone call to us is all it takes to activate our team 24/7.  By knowing your critical assets, your safety procedures, and your other needs, we can provide a smarter, safer, and more efficient recovery.

What You Can Expect from Us on The Job

Getting our customers Back in Business is our business.  We understand the unique needs and challenges businesses face, and we understand how things become even more complicated when dealing with property damage.  Our goal is to make the restoration process go as smoothly as possible, and to reduce the burden and stress you face in these situations.

We complete each project with open and regular communication with all materially interested parties through regular progress reports, provide thorough documentation, and transparent billing.  You will know the plan, current progress, and the cost at every stage of a project.  Best of all, this isn’t reserved for just our Back in Business Program clients, we provide the same extraordinary service on every project we are involved with.

Do You Have a Back-Up Plan?

Even if you currently work with a company that handles your property damage needs, it’s always good to have a back-up or even two.  During regional disasters such as hurricanes and flooding, you can count on us to bring in the resources needed to get you Back in Business fast. When your local company or preferred vendor is overloaded with work, our national reach gives us the resources they might not have access to.