Your Decontamination Vendor

At Flood Zone Disaster Recovery Services, we want to be your decontamination vendor. Working with companies as their premier vendor is something we take pride in. We offer contract pricing and consistent, reliable vendor services for our customers.

Why choose us as Your Decontamination Vendor?

Our Mission is to Provide a Smarter, Safer, and More Efficient Recovery, and everything we do revolves around that mission.
Guaranteed to be the last disaster vendor you’ll ever need. With our Back in Business Program, you’ll receive priority response for any type of disaster. We will handle all your projects, large and small, anywhere in the United States.  Our contracted services are flexible and convenient.  The amount you will save with us as your decontamination vendor will be worth it.

Certified and Qualified Decontamination

We have the qualifications and resources for any type of virus decontamination project. As your approved decontamination vendor, we guarantee professionalism on every project. Your business, people, and facilities are all unique. And, we treat them as such. Your project is our priority.
Investing in our people and empowering them to be the best in their field is the Flood Zone way. This translates to them taking the best care of our customers. Our personnel receives the best training, both in safety protocols and industry standards. Safety training begins on the first day of employment and includes both in-house and Certified OSHA Training. Technicians that excel go through management training. Respect within Flood Zone is part of our culture. This leads our employees to provide the most exceptional and professional customer service.
All employees receive medical clearance, including respirator clearance. They also receive background checks and are drug tested. Searching for the best of the best is not easy, but paramount to our success.

Our Equipment

Top-of-the-line restoration and decontamination equipment provides the best results. Our industrial fogging equipment and HEPA air scrubbers make for efficient decontamination. And, we take the time to dismantle and decontaminate every piece of equipment used on the job site. This important step ensures that new job sites are not cross-contaminated.

Our Technology

While equipment is important, technological investments are critical. The latest technology gives us an edge in communication. Providing our teams with tablets allows us to process information fast. Your reports will be thorough and on time every time.

Vendor Services Beyond Virus Decontamination

We are experts in commercial work and will be more than your go-to decontamination vendor. You can count on us not only when your building becomes contaminated, but for any type of disaster that may occur. From fires and chemical spills to tornadoes, ice dams, and hurricanes, we will be there when you need us the most. Disaster planning and business continuity is a bonus service we offer. We want to work with you not only to recover from disasters but to prepare for them as well.