Commercial Virus Decontamination Services

We provide commercial decontamination services from chemical spills to virus disinfection throughout the United States.  The emergence of coronavirus has us working overtime. Decontamination Teams are providing coronavirus disinfection services to confirmed cases all over the US. Our specialists are also providing preventive disinfection services for facilities.  These teams understand viruses and what it takes to make your facility safe again.
Our commercial cleaning and virus disinfection process is simple and effective. Three efficient phases make working with us easy and consistent.  The first phase is collecting information, mobilization, and setting the site up.  Phase 2 is the cleaning and disinfecting of your commercial facility. Phase 3 is the verification of the completed decontamination services.
When searching for a commercial virus decontamination company, asking the right questions will help give you valuable insight.  Coronavirus has many new and inexperienced companies entering the market place.  Make sure you do your research or you might end up with a subpar vendor.
If you need a safe and efficient commercial disinfection service we are here for you. Give us a call or send us an e-mail for a free consultation and estimate. Helping businesses plan for and recover after a disaster is our specialty.

How We Provide an Efficient and Safe Virus Decontamination Service

How do we provide a successful commercial virus decontamination service? Learning about the virus, your company, and your commercial building is how we develop a thorough and safe plan. Initially, we have to understand the virus to create the disinfection protocol.  If the virus is an emerging pathogen, then guidance from the CDC and an Industrial Hygienist is necessary.  After the protocol is developed we have a template that can be applied to the decontamination of that specific virus.  Understanding your situation before entering a contaminated building is a critical safety component and allows us to create tailored solutions for your unique project.  Staying organized keeps us efficient and documentation helps reduce liability.  These points combine to create a successful and safe disinfection service.

This decontamination video will help you understand what goes into commercial decontamination.

We Learn About the Virus, then Create our Disinfection Protocols

Understanding what we are dealing with is an important part of commercial decontamination.  A virus’s characteristics helps make efficient and safe protocols. And, we utilize experienced Industrial Hygienists to create those decontamination protocols. Some of the characteristics we learn about include;

  • The life cycle of the virus
  • The transmission rate, or how infectious the virus is
  • The mortality rate of the virus
  • Symptoms associated with the disease
  • The incubation period before symptoms become prevalent
  • The means of transmission, or how the virus spreads

If coronavirus decontamination is your concern, we have those processes in place.

commercial virus decontamination

After our we understand the virus and our protocols are set, our virus decontamination teams are required to learn them inside and out. Our technicians become aware of potential safety issues and how to avoid them. They also learn about the health effects of the virus to keep themselves and everyone else safe.

Our Teams are Certified for Commercial Virus Decontamination

Companies offering virus decontamination services should have certain qualifications for success. The minimal training our Specialists receive includes OSHA HAZWOPER and commercial decontamination training.  All new Flood Zone members are then placed under direct supervision of a seasoned decontamination specialist.

Commercial Virus Disinfecting Services

We Learn About Your Virus Contamination Incident

Every commercial virus decontamination service we provide is unique. Some facilities, such as nursing homes, may have high-risk occupants. Other commercial facilities may have a lower risk, but more extensive contamination. Performing contact tracing and learning about your incident helps create a successful plan. We will ask you several questions about the contamination such as;
  • Type of occupants in the commercial building
  • The number of people infected
  • When they contracted the virus
  • How long it has been since they were in the building
  • Who they had been in contact with
  • The areas that they had been

We Learn About Your Business and Commercial Building

Understanding the building and your business helps tailor your commercial disinfection service. Efficient commercial decontamination will involve your help, but only with a few questions. Making sure the decontamination service is the least intrusive it can be is what we do. The information gathering is confidential and our goal is to get your doors open again.
Cleaning Coronavirus with HEPA Vacuum
Commercial decontamination services

We Use What We Learn for Efficient and Safe Commercial Virus Decontamination

The more we learn about your facility the fewer surprises we will incur during your project. Familiarizing ourselves with your business allows us to create a customized decontamination plan. Working with you to develop this plan allows us to be flexible to your needs. We know biological hazards and business disrupting disasters.
Our teams train for events like this year-round. Our decontamination service for commercial buildings is solid. The plan we create with you will be bulletproof. Together, your commercial building will be back in business fast.

Coronavirus Disinfection

Our coronavirus disinfection services are for those companies that what the job done right. Our team has been working Nationwide and 24/7 keeping our customers open for business. Preventive services to consultations and emergency decontamination, we have done it all.

Has COVID-19 Contaminated Your Commercial Building?

Coronavirus Contamination in your facility can be nerve-wracking. At first, the safest course of action is to consider the entire building contaminated. Proper contact tracing will help you determine which areas are safe to be in. We will help you determine the areas that are safe for occupants compared to those that are high risk.  Contact tracing is the best way to keep your doors open in the short run. This also decreases the cost of coronavirus disinfection and gets you back in business faster.

Protocols for Disinfecting Coronavirus

Our coronavirus disinfection protocols include interim guidance published by the CDC, OSHA, and EPA. Using this guidance with our experience allows for safe and efficient coronavirus decontamination. The strategy is to provide practical emergency decontamination solutions while maintaining compliance.

Other COVID Services

We offer several other preventive and proactive services for Coronavirus.  Preventive disinfection services for coronavirus is a great proactive approach.  Disinfection fogging for COVID-19 is a great way to cover large commercial buildings fast.

Consultations have helped our customers keep services in house. Creating practical plans helps our customers react fast. And, teaching efficient disinfection techniques is a good long term strategy.

Increasing air filtration with our HEPA filtered air scrubbers reduces airborne contamination. Increasing air changes reduces the risk of transmission. This strategy is great for common areas with high traffic.

Services Beyond Virus Decontamination

We are more than a commercial virus decontamination company, we are your go-to disaster vendor.  Flood Zone Disaster Recovery Solution wants to help you plan for and recover from any disaster. We work with customers year-round with disaster planning and business continuity. Then, when disaster strikes, we are there to help you get back in business fast. Building lasting relationships is what we are about.