Commercial Fogging Service

Is a commercial fogging service right for your business?

When you have a large facility and need to disinfect, sterilize, decontaminate, reduce airborne particulate, or deodorize quickly, commercial fogging with a company that has the right tools and training may be the answer. Flood Zone Disaster Recovery Solutions offers ULV Fogging, HVLP Fogging, and Thermal Fogging Services for commercial buildings. ULV and HVLP fogging are best for applying non-solvent based liquid, such as disinfectants used for viruses, mold,  and other types of biological disinfection. Thermal Fogging is solvent-based and produces a gas which is typically better suited for commercial deodorization projects.

We have specialists fully trained and equipped with the highest quality fogging equipment to handle your needs. Our industrial foggers are a great option for fogging large facilities quickly and our precision foggers are well suited for sensitive areas and electronics.  If you are looking for a green-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient commercial fogging service that treats safety as the highest priority, you have come to the company.

We understand that shutting your doors to your business for an extended period is more than lost production and profits, it costs you market share and impacts your employees, their families, and the community. Our commercial fogging services may be the solution to get you back in business quickly.

Benefits of Fogging With Us

Green Friendly Decontamination

If you are looking to have your facility decontaminated from an infectious disease, a bacterial outbreak, or another biological hazard, we can combine fogging with a more thorough cleaning and disinfectant application for successful sterilization. The disinfectant we use is from EPA’s List N and is one of the only green-friendly botanical options on the list. The dwell time is minimal, and the product is safe. After we complete your commercial fogging disinfection service and the mist settles, you may safely resume work immediately without the need for respiratory protection.

Cost-Effective Disinfecting

Preventive disinfection fogging services are available as a one-time or routine service and will effectively maintain a healthy indoor environment. Routine cleaning and disinfecting minimizes the risk of people contracting an illness off surfaces and helps to purify the air.  If you have a lobby or common area in your industrial facility that you would like to have fogged nightly, we can set equipment that will automatically complete the service after hours.  This cost-effective approach is a great way to accomplish consistent disinfectant applications without additional labor charges.  Your occupants will have a feeling of security and your employee morale will increase.

Thermal Smoke and Odor Control

While a by-product of our ULV fogging is a pleasant fragrance, if malodor is a primary concern then thermal fogging is the way to go.  If you’ve had recent fire damage or have an odor issue, our thermal fogging services will help knock down those odors quickly.  Thermal smoke goes between wall cavities and reaches areas that other methods cannot.  Source removal is a critical step in deodorizing and sometimes requires the demolition of building materials.  Utilizing thermal fogging may neutralize that source ultimately saving you money.  With a fire, if there’s no smoke discoloration or soot deposit in the building, or if the odor is residual, then a thermal fog may be all you need to get back in business.

Misting for Particulate Reduction

Fogging and Misting options are great at reducing dust and other particulates from the air in your building.  This service is typically requested by contractors that are working in sensitive environments and need to control the amount of dust from the project they are working on.  The misting equipment will be calibrated to your needs, and we can even set a timer for automated results and reduced labor costs.

Why Us?

We provide a practical, reliable, and efficient commercial fogging service.  Clients across the United States trust us for fogging and other property damage services and our response time is typically less than twenty-four hours.  From business continuity planning to disaster preparedness, and infectious disease control to unexpected storm or property damage, we are there when you need us the most.  Building long term partnerships and understanding your unique needs is what we are all about.   At Flood Zone Disaster Recovery Solutions, we promise to provide you with a fogging service that is smarter, safer, and more efficient. Give us a call to speak with an expert, discuss your option, and schedule your fogging service today.

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Our Industrial Foggers

ULV Foggers

ULV fogging stands for ultra-low volume, but do not let that fool you. It is referencing the size of the droplet that is produced, not the volume of liquid it atomizes. Droplet sizes are measured in microns and range from 5-120 depending on the fogger. A pump and blower are used in combination to atomize the liquid and push it into the air. The smaller the droplet is, and the more liquid you push, the more coverage you will get.  We are equipped with a wide variety of ULV foggers, including automatic foggers for timed release applications and industrial units designed to fill large warehouses quickly.

Warehouse Fogging Service
Commercial Fogging Service

HVLP Foggers

HVLP fogging is defined as high volume low pressure and this fogging service applies the right amount of disinfecting or other solution to the right place. Typically, this commercial fogging service is best around electronics, paperwork, sensitive factory equipment, or areas that are occupied. While slightly more time consuming than ULV fogging, there’s less waste of disinfectant the application is precise.  We outfit all company vehicles and trailers with these foggers they are readily available for your facility if needed.

Thermal Foggers

Thermal fogging works by evaporating a solvent and creates a gas rather than atomizing a liquid. This type of fog is primarily for deodorization projects but does have its place in the disinfecting and decontaminating industry. The coverage that these foggers provide is astronomical and it is important to contact your fire detection local fire department prior to service. We are happy to handle this task for you if requested. During the thermal fogging service the area must be unoccupied for safety.  Afterward, expect a slightly longer waiting period before occupants may return, typically six to twelve hours.  This waiting time may be accelerated by promoting air changes with our industrial air movers if necessary.

Commercial Fogging Services

Safety Precautions When Fogging

Any type of mist, even water, can be unhealthy for people to breathe.  More importantly, very few of the products on EPA List N are designed for fogging.  The EPA directly states, “It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.”

Consequences beyond legal ramifications include creating an environment that may be immediately dangerous to the life and health of occupants.  The SDS sheet of the disinfectant used lists the PEL, or permissible exposure limit.  Staying below the PEL during industrial disinfection fogging is a critical safety component and methods should be discussed with the company’s health and safety officer.

Another consideration is the type of porous materials in the facility.  If a material such as cardboard becomes saturated, the structural integrity may become compromised.  Avoiding this requires monitoring the method of application and ambient conditions closely.

worker choking from fogging

Services Beyond Fogging

If you need disaster restoration services or help with business continuity planning, we are here for you.  Working with customers year-round to plan for and recover from any type of disaster is our specialty.  Find out about our Priority Response Back in Business Program to have a vendor you can count on when it matters the most.