Commercial Property Restoration Services

Flood Zone Disaster Recovery Solutions offers solutions to help you plan for and recover from any type of property damage your business may experience. Beyond regional disasters such as hurricanes, we also offer services to recover from the more common types of property damage such as pipe breaks and fires, and decontamination services. No matter what happens, we can help get you Back in Business fast.

Safety is Our Priority

Our staff is trained to recognize job site hazards and address those hazards quickly.  We hold multiple OSHA certifications and safety training is an ongoing process that is taken very seriously.  Each project is consistently assessed for safety issues, from structural integrity concerns, to slip/trip and fall issues, and anything else that can arise during projects.  Even the simple things, such as an extension cord being stretched across a hallway are addressed to maintain the safest working environment possible.

Licensed and Experienced

We hold numerous state licenses and industry certifications.  Beyond safety, we believe that continuing education is just that, something that should continue for each member of our team.  This ensures that we are following the best, up to date procedures, while maintaining compliance on all projects.

We Can Handle Any Project

We are a full-service disaster recovery company.  This means that, in addition to typical restoration services, we can bring in specialty trades, such as electricians, temporary roofers, fencing companies, temporary offices, and most anything else you think of that would be needed.  We have a large network of qualified companies and will work with you to accommodate your unique needs.