Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Clean Up and Deodorization

commercial fire damage

Beyond the damaging effects of the flames and smoke, lingering odors may persist for an inevitable amount of time.  Soot and smoke can find their way into every crack and crevice in your building, even into areas far from where the fire occurred.  It takes a professional with knowledge of commercial building materials and construction, as well as proper fire damage restoration and odor removal techniques to help determine what areas need to be cleaned, encapsulated, or removed.

The longer a job sits with no action, the harder it will be to salvage material and contents.  While some items such as light fixtures, HVAC units, and other machinery might seem to be working properly after a fire occurs, they may start to corrode from the deposited soot. This can reduce the life expectancy of these items if the damage is not addressed quickly and thoroughly.

How We Can Help

If you have experienced a fire at your business, you can count on us. We will create a custom fire damage restoration plan to get your organization Back in Business as soon as possible following a fire. And, we have the training and certifications in commercial and industrial construction, fire and odor repair, OSHA safety, and more in order to do just that.

We will start with securing your property to ensure the building is safe and secure, then we will begin fire damage restoration procedures including demolition, debris removal, structural cleaning, deodorization, and any other steps necessary. Call us now to discuss how we can get you Back in Business faster after a fire or smoke disaster.

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