Helping Tampa Bay Businesses with Coronavirus Disinfection

Coronavirus is hitting Tampa Bay businesses hard. Cases are at record highs and our COVID Teams are working double time. Clients are calling us day and night with questions about COVID-19 services. Commercial disinfection teams are going to positive cases daily in Tampa. Our business continuity teams are working late nights developing plans for our clients. We understand that the coronavirus pandemic is challenging, but it’s not impossible. Fighting coronavirus with our commercial clients in Tampa Bay is our primary concern.

Hillsborough County is providing great resources to Tampa Bay’s Business Sector. They understand that businesses need to operate during this pandemic while staying safe. They also understand that we can not let coronavirus shut our economy down. On June 24th, Tampa Bay enacted an order for face coverings. The order requires people to wear masks in businesses. They are even providing free face masks for those in need. This is a positive step forward and a proven tactic to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

While the government is doing its part, business owners must do the same if they are to survive the pandemic. It costs money to re-open your doors, and once they open, your business needs to have a plan for keeping it that way. Flood Zone Disaster Recovery Solutions works with businesses by offering practical solutions. From planning and consulting to commercial decontamination, we are here for you. Let us help you through coronavirus, and we promise we will be there for you during any type of disaster

How Preventive Disinfection Helps

Preventive cleaning and disinfection services for your Tampa Business is a viable option. Staff and customers will feel safer with our preventive disinfection services. Disinfection fogging with EPA approved disinfectants is just one of our approaches.  After a preventive disinfection service, your risk of surface transmission is reduced.

Emergency Decontamination for Positive COVID-19 Cases

Positive coronavirus cases in your commercial building are a problem. Our Tampa commercial decontamination services are the solution. Getting your business back open fast is what we do. Certified and experienced in commercial decontamination and operating 24/7. We will have your Tampa Bay Business up and running in no time.

Proactive Planning for Coronavirus

Planning for and being proactive with coronavirus is always the best step. Helping Tampa Bay Businesses set protocols for preventing an outbreak in the first place makes sense. Our consultations provide simple and practical solutions for your business. If you are looking for guidance on protecting your business from coronavirus, we can help.