Business Continuity Planning

What is Business Continuity Planning?

The purpose of business continuity planning is to make an organization more resilient when faced with any type of disaster that could disrupt or stop operations. The plan documents critical information and procedures in order for the business to continue operating and recover from an unplanned disruption.

Our Business Continuity Planning Process

Available as part of our Back in Business Program™, our business continuity planning service can help your business be better prepared for disasters. We will develop a detailed and customized business continuity plan for your organization to help you improve your recovery strategies when faced with property damage and disasters of any size.

Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis

We will help you identify the risks your business faces, the likelihood of these events occurring, and the severity of potential impact on your facilities, your people, and your technology.  We will discuss common risks such as loss of key personnel, cyber security issues, fires, air quality issues, and vandalism, as well as geographical threats such as hurricanes or flooding in coastal areas, or severe winter weather in the northern US. We will also help you to identify risks that are unique to your business. For example, perhaps the biggest risk to your business is an extended power outage or loss of water which prevents you from operating a critical piece of equipment.

Business Needs Assessment

Once we have determined what can happen and the impact it could have on your business, it’s time to determine what your mission-critical functions are. What are mission-critical functions? Mission-critical functions are essential to the survival of an organization. When mission-critical functions fail or are not available, business operations are seriously impacted. They may include business processes, assets, employees, and vendors that are critical to your company in order to perform your mission, continue operations, and maintain your market share.

To develop a business continuity plan, we need to understand these mission-critical functions. We will discuss what is essential to your day to day operations, the current protocols you have in place to enable these functions, and how long you can withstand an interruption to those critical functions. For example, do you use specialized equipment that is critical to your operations? If you lose power, do you have a backup generator to power this critical equipment? Does anyone in your company know how to operate the generator if it is needed? What would be the impact on your business if this equipment was damaged?

Plan Development

By understanding the risks your business faces, the potential impact of these events occurring, and the essential functions of your business, we can then create a plan for how your business will respond if these events occur. We will create detailed procedures for disaster response, determine resource requirements based on worst-case scenarios, and develop mitigation strategies to help minimize the impact if an event occurs. We will also develop communication protocols including contact lists for your personnel, key stakeholders, and vendors to ensure the right parties receive the right information.

By working together with your business and our experts in various fields such as property restoration, human resources, public relations, risk management, and insurance, we can develop a plan that is sure to be an asset to your company. Your plan can be used by anyone within your organization, as well as by Flood Zone Disaster Recovery Solutions and any other vendors you select, to help get you Back in Business fast if you are faced with one of the situations we plan for.

Implementation and Training

Once the plan has been finalized, we will go over every detail together to make sure it meets your needs. We can then assist your organization with implementing the plan and training staff how to utilize it, if you wish.

Program Maintenance

Business continuity planning is an ongoing process, not something you do once and forget about. Your business should take the time to practice and evaluate your plan and procedures regularly. We can moderate these exercises to evaluate the plan and practice its use. In addition, an audit should be performed each time the plan is utilized in a real-life scenario to determine the plan’s effectiveness and ways it can be improved.

Business Continuity Planning Services Pricing

Silver Package

  • Simple-to-use business continuity plan customized to the needs of your business
  • Risk Assessment, Business Impact Analysis, and Needs Assessment
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Incident response procedures
  • Half-day on-site plan review and training

Gold Package Subscription

  • All items included with Silver Package, plus:
  • Phone support for plan administration and updates
  • Annual plan review and updates
  • Annual full-day activation training with tabletop exercises
  • Priority response for emergencies
  • Discounted service rates for HR, IT, and property recovery services
  • 10% discount when pre-paid annually

Add-Ons & A La Carte Options

  • Improve and update your current plan
  • Additional plans customized for multiple facilities/locations
  • Additional phone or on-site consulting
  • Mass communication tool with text messaging capabilities
  • Business continuity software application with cloud storage and mobile app
  • Custom site map for each facility/location
  • Generator and equipment standby packages