Commercial Mold Remediation

The Commercial Mold Removal Process

Commercial Mold Removal

Once it has been determined a commercial building suffers from mold contamination, it is important to begin the mold remediation process quickly. Engineering controls, such as custom containment barriers, use of HEPA-filtered air filtration devices, and creation of negative air flow, protect spores from traveling to uncontaminated areas during the remediation process. Source removal is accomplished through various demolition techniques and mechanical remediation, followed by detailed cleaning steps, to rid the building of the mold.  The commercial mold remediation process should be focused on safety as well as discretion.

To prevent future re-contamination, moisture problems such as leaks or high humidity problems must be identified, located, and corrected or controlled as soon as possible. Mold growth is inevitable if moisture is not controlled.

Mold remediation is a specialized process which requires a unique combination of training and ability to be performed properly. Improper remediation procedures can lead to cross-contamination of other areas, reoccurring mold growth, and even health issues in occupants long after the work is complete. It’s always best to have the mold evaluated and removed by certified and licensed professionals.

How We Can Help

Our experts in mold remediation can remove the mold without it spreading to other areas of the building, leaving you with a clean and healthy work environment. We have the capacity to execute any size project, small or large, to get you Back in Business as quickly as possible.

  • Media blasting

  • Multi-step post-demolition cleaning

  • Documentation and reports

  • Equipment rentals

  • Emergency power

  • Corrosion control